Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lizzie, Lizzie...u BAD GIRL!!!!

A great big CONGRATS to my beste Lizzie!!! she was picked as Bad Girls Project 52 Guest Designer this week!!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!! Check out what those Bad Girls have been up to!!! They are always so creative and inspiring!!!!!!

friday faves

so here it is, if i can think of 5 things i like, lol......

*Tool Academy: OMG this is trashy TV at its finest. if u haven't seen it yet, yr missin' out!!! the girls brought in their douche bag boyfriends to be taught to be GOOD boyfriends. OMG BEST SHOW EVER!!! lol

*Mr Clean Magic Eraser: Holy Moly it rocks!!! yes i've used on before but its been so long since i bought one i forgot how awesome it is!!!! I get migraines and cleaning products normaly set one off, but i used my magic eraser to scrub down my bathtub today and it's sparkly white AND no headache!!!! BONUS!!!!

*SUNSHINE: yes is may be freakin' cold here still but the sun has been shining brightly for 2 days now...BEAUTIFUL!!!! COME ON SPRING!!!!!

*fabulous disk of incriminating photos from my birthday: need i say more? but do keep an eye out for teh scrap pages, lol

*?????: no clue what my 5th thing is.....oh well, lol
In other news, i actually scrapped yesterday. i tried to again today....wasn't feeling it though. well heres the one page i did, i really like it. i used TallyScrapper's Jan Kit Playmate....LOVE THIS KIT!!!! its FAB!!!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yes i know, it's been well over a week since i updated the blog and about a week since i've created anything. i need to kick my slacker butt into gear!!!! so here's my goals for this week: (1) aj prompt 2-because (2) sending out a package for my tally sis (3) order pix while Walgreen's has them for 10 cents a print (4) gutter girlz prompt 15 (5) use my tally kit (6) start my table centerpieces for Valentine's. i'm sure there are more, i'll add more as i think of them.

Now onto my friday faves....better late than never, lol.

*root beer floats: an oldie but a goodie.....YUMMMM

*CHA: now seriously, who wouldn't want to go to it? all week i've been drooling over all the sneak peek goodness all the manufacturers have been teasing me with, lol. i cant wait to see some of this stuff in my LSS.

*Yankee Candle Buttercream Candle: oh how yummy it smells. i've recently discovered that i can only burn teh baked-goods smelling candles. All the other fragrances are to perfumy and give me a headache.

*Tori Amos: u know, i've never realized how much i miss listening to music, i don't do it often, i hope to change that when i finally get a mp3 player. I just found ALL of my Tori cd's and i plan to put them all on my mp3 so i can get some good scrappy mojo going!!!

*Pampered Chef: OHHH they have the yummiest recipes!!!! i just wish there stuff wasn't so dang expensive.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Faves...actually on FRIDAY, lol

so it seems to have been a short week for me seeing how i just did my last weeks faves on Monday, lol. so here's my faves for the week.

*Monkey Joe's: This place is GREAT. we went last friday and are having Seth & Lil-Lil's party there on Sat. It's a bit pricey but the kids love it. they can go and bounce their little hearts out then hopefully take a nap, lol

*Bella Blvd: I am in love with all of their paper. they are a new but VERY promising company. Check out their blog giveaway and their CHA sneaky peeks. If you leave a comment for their give away, please say that i sent u and we can BOTH win!!! yippeee

*Clip It Up: YOWZA!!!! i love this thing. when i forst saw it advertized, i wasn't impressed, then i saw it in person and i was sold!!!! I bought mine Wed for my bday and I'm still working on getting it all filled up.

*Advil: I know it was on list last week but advil has been my saving grace for like 2 weeks now, i've been getting a head ache almost EVERYDAY! yikes, maybe it's time to see the migrain dr.

*One Tree Hill: what can i say, i love this show and i hate that i have to wait a whole week to see what's next, lol. and even though Lizzie thinks i'm a dork because of it, i am not ashamed, lol

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

scrappy bday!!!!

so yesterday i celebrated my 29th birthday and got some much needed scrap-time in. i also scrapped a bit on sat and some today and i'm hoping to get more in tonight! GO ME!!!! so here's a little peek at what i've done, i'll post more later.
i think i may add a title to this page, i'm thinking b!tches, lol. i was kinda stuck on the whole title thing then while i was uploading pix it came to me, now i just have to get out in my room and do it, lol

Monday, January 12, 2009

wtf? i forgot friday faves!!!!

okay, so i've been a busy bee. Since it was my bday weekend i had lots going on and i didn't even scrap much! so instead of Friday's my Birthday Faves!!!

**Smirnoff Pomegranate Martinis: HOLY SMOKES this stuff ROCKS. YUMMY. me and my sil Niki polished off a WHOLE huge bottle sat night.

**Matt & Jenny: Thanx to my gracious party hosts for letting everyone come over for my bday and trash their house, lol.

**One Tree Hill: OMG. so glad my show came back from holiday break last week! I was dieing to know what was gonna happen!!! (and i get to watch it on my BDAY!!!!)

**my BFF Lizzie: i just love her, she's so thoughtful and wonderful and i can't wait 'til we get to tear it up at CKC STL.

**Advil: after the night I had sat...i was lovin' the advil yesterday!!! lol

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a tad bit blocked

or whatever u want to call it, lol. i just can't seem to make myself scrap. i want to but when i go to do i just can't seem to find something to do. i'm not happy with any of the pix i have already printed, i'm not feeling any of the paper i own, ugh. well, hopefully i get lots done on sat. i'm heading to Archiver's all day to scrap with some gal-pals. its actually kind of embarrasing, i did so much last week and NOTHING this week, lol. so here more pix of stuff i did last week. i have a huge list of stuff to do sat, hopefully i can figure it out, lol.
so last week my lovely BFF lizzie introduced me to, OMG i LOVE that place!!! everyone there is so nice and inspiring and that place is the reason i was able to scrap so much last week. now if only i could make myself scrap this week, lol
well, my 29th b-day is fast approaching and i have to say that i'm okay with it. i think 29 is gonna be my year. i'm planning on trying to scrap today so maybe i'll get lucky have have something new to show later today, lol

Saturday, January 3, 2009

lots o' layouts & Friday faves on Saturday

so i've been kinda slacking this week on the blog, okay fine i'll admit, i was hungover, lol. i did however get some quality scrap time though. so here's a few i did.
i did this one for gutter girlz prompt 14. I had a hard time putting this on paper. it just seems so permanent, like i cannot deny it if anyone involved sees it, lol. I have no problem talking about it though.....weird huh? so basically my dad is a DB and my sis Cassi and i hate him. i haven't spoke to him in 6 months and haven't seen him in over a year. needless to say, i'm so not ready to make nice anytime soon.
this is my to do list wall hanging, i LOVE it!!!! I have like 4 more LOs i could post here, but i'll do it later...onto my Friday faves....a day late of course,

*SUSHI: oh yummy. my hubby took me out for date night last night and i overstuffed myself as usual, oh how i love me some sushi! (oh, our waitress was awesome, she said HOLLAR just like my bff, love ya Lizzie!)

*Basic Grey: I'm not sure why it has never captured my attention before but i am completly obsessed with their paper....i cannot wait to get my bday money so i can buy tons of BG paper!!!!

*Tallyscrapper: OMG i'm so happy i found this is taking up all my time...i have a hard time multi tasking when it comes to scrap sites, lol.

*Pre-Mixed Mojitos: YUMMY, and no mixing! lol

*bacon wrapped- lil' smokies! omg i hope someone makes these for my bday!!!!