Saturday, January 31, 2009

friday faves

so here it is, if i can think of 5 things i like, lol......

*Tool Academy: OMG this is trashy TV at its finest. if u haven't seen it yet, yr missin' out!!! the girls brought in their douche bag boyfriends to be taught to be GOOD boyfriends. OMG BEST SHOW EVER!!! lol

*Mr Clean Magic Eraser: Holy Moly it rocks!!! yes i've used on before but its been so long since i bought one i forgot how awesome it is!!!! I get migraines and cleaning products normaly set one off, but i used my magic eraser to scrub down my bathtub today and it's sparkly white AND no headache!!!! BONUS!!!!

*SUNSHINE: yes is may be freakin' cold here still but the sun has been shining brightly for 2 days now...BEAUTIFUL!!!! COME ON SPRING!!!!!

*fabulous disk of incriminating photos from my birthday: need i say more? but do keep an eye out for teh scrap pages, lol

*?????: no clue what my 5th thing is.....oh well, lol
In other news, i actually scrapped yesterday. i tried to again today....wasn't feeling it though. well heres the one page i did, i really like it. i used TallyScrapper's Jan Kit Playmate....LOVE THIS KIT!!!! its FAB!!!!!!


lizzie said...

omg how amazing is that page dude!!!!!!!! i'm in love!

Scrap DIVA 911 said...

LOVE your LO very cute LOL...