Friday, March 13, 2009

friday the 13th faves

wow, so what a great day today will be! my BFF melissa will be here later tonight from Texas. i cant wait!!! so here are my faves!!!

**dole mandarin orange fruit cups: my kids LOVE these and they are so easy! no need to peel!!! i hate peeling! lol

**Sam's Club: i went for the 1st time yesterday and it was AMAZING!!!!! you wouldnt believe how much cheaper is is to buy string cheese in bulk!!!

**HOT SEX: no, not the dirty kind, lol. its a kind of liquor and its SOOOO tasty. i think ima get a bottle for melissa's visit.

**PRIMA: sorry they are just gonna be on the list for a while. i've never seen so much prima stuff in person! its amazing!!!!

**The Melting Pot: OMG its amazing! I'll be heading there Wed night for ladies night dinner!!! WOOT

Thursday, March 12, 2009

****PRIMA Heaven****

guess what!!!!! i got my Prima box today and boy is it LOVERLY!!!! lots of great goodies in there, i'm so happy to be the lucky bad girl!! here are some pix as promised.
can't wait to get creating with this stuff but for now it will have to wait a bit! my BFF melissa is coming to visit me for 9 whole days!!! its been 2 years since we've seen eachother so the visit is long over due!today was a great mail day for me because as well as getting the Prima goodies, my Tally Sis sent me a package of goodies as well!!! YAY ME!!! (done in my best London Tipton voice, lol)

Friday, March 6, 2009

friday faves and some scrappy works of art

so i just noticed that i've only been updating on fridays... i've really got to change that. so on to my faves!

* Prima & Bad Girls: OH ME OH MY!!!! Bad Girls had a chat with Sharron from Prima that just ended a few minutes ago (WHICH WAS FABULOUS BY THE WAY) and i won the fabulous prize that she brought with her!!!! HOLY GUACAMOLE!!! I'm so stoked about winning that i'll never get to sleep, lol!!!! i'll be posting pix once i get my goodies, i promise!!!!!!

wow i can't even think straight to give the rest of my
well last weekend was my scrap retreat, and i did accomplish a lil' bit. here's my fave lo.....of course it has lots of prima!!!! lol