Tuesday, October 20, 2009

inspired by an old friend

my bff from my senior year of hs posted something on her facebook today that spoke to me. at first i was kinda of saddened by it (but what doesnt sadden me these days?) but after i decided to scrap it i feel a bit of release. I almost feel kind of silly scrapping these type of seems kind of EMO, but i'm not doing it so people can be "aww, poor Nikki" i'm doing it for me, it's therapy and i do feel better. so here it is. i used her post 'shiver and say the words of every lie you've heard" as the title and so i didnt actually have to do what the title suggests i used a wedding pic, a picture speaks a thousand words.
this LO will be another addition to the break up box. i have all these LO's of pix of him and i just dont feel they need to be in our family album anymore but i cannot get rid of them so into an altered box they will go. i'll post a pic of the box after i create it.
thanx for looking!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


check out this giveaway from the Collage Contessa! very cool stuff indeed!!!!