Friday, February 27, 2009

5 faves friday!

LOOK AT ME!!! i'm on time this week, lol so i'm preparing to run away from my mommy\wife duties for the weekend and scrap my little heart out at crop camp!!! so here's my very rushed faves.

Clip it up: i love this thing! its so nice to see all the crap i have and actually be able to use it, lol. i do wish i had the bag for it though, i had to put it in a huge trash bag so i can take it with me, lol

Feb Tally Kit: OOHHH its so devine i cannot wait to play with it today!!!!!

Girl Scout Cookies: need i say more? lol

my Audrey shirt: its so comfy and pretty, it even has bling!!!!

Hubs: he's such a good sport about me leaving today for my 3 days of cropping like it hot!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday AGAIN?????

okay so my slacker butt was gonna pass on the FFF for the 2nd week in a row until i was called out!!! lol, thanx for getting my lazy butt back on the bus Dena!!!! lol

*Palm Centro: Holy goodness Batman this is one heck of a phone!!!! i LOVES it so much, i can text because it has a tiny little keyboard, i can get online, check even makes phone calls, lol. WOOO HOOO it makes me feel snazzy!!! I would take a pic of myself holding it but i washed my camera with the laundry last week...thank goodness this sweet phone has a camera on it, lol

*Valentine Candy: i don't care what kind, i like it all and i'm so glad teh kids got loads from i can eat it all!!!!!

*Sober House on VH1: not sure if i mentioned this before but this show is like CRACK to me!!! who would have thought a show about addict celebs would be addictive, lol

*Twilight Spoof: well this one in particular...its really enjoyable!!!!

Last but not least, *the hubs.....he hasn't bitched once this week about the house or me spending money!!! its been a good week, lol

Thursday, February 12, 2009

major cleaning!!!

so i'm getting a jump on my spring cleaning so i havent been scrapping...i hope to remedy that soon though!!!! hopefully i'll have an update full of scrappy pix for u soon!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

More Fun with Danielle!!!

Danielle is have a fabulous blog party to celebrate 10,000 visits to her blog complete with challenges and giveaways!!!! check it out and join the party, please be sure to say i sent u!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Faves: on time this week, LOL

okay so i'm still slacking a bit but i'm moving out of my winter funk. winter just makes me so lazy, lol. Anyways, lets get the party started!

* taquitos: yum yum yum, this is me fave quick meal\snack. Scotty just bought a HUGE box of them at Sam's for what we pay for a small box at Shop & Save! what a deal!!!

* pink & red: boy the mushy gushyness of Valentine's Day has hit me!!!! I'm just loving all teh lovey stuff lately!!! Bring on the hearts Cupid!!!!

*Ann @ Scrapbook factory: BOY OH BOY!!! Ann went to CHA and ordered LOTS of goodies including Bella Blvd!!!! I'm so excited to see this stuff in person and use it on my pages!!! THANK YOU Ann!!!!!

*RVA: Red Velvet Art opened a new store & website this week!!! It all looks FABULOUS!!!! Check them out! their kit this month is SUPER CUTE and is all unicorns!!! eeeeek, i love it!!! Keep checking back at my blog and Lizzie's blog as well for pix from the RVA store in Springfield, Mo. We are headed there on April 3rd!!!! gotta love crafty feild trips!!!

*Mouse Traps: yes i know lame but we had a mouse in our garage that was getting in our walls and was driving me crazy!!! needless to more mousey!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


HOLY SMOKES!!!!! she's giving away a CRICUT EXPRESSIONS!!!!! yes that's right. She needs 600 comments, u can comment once a day..tell yr friends!!! if they mention u sent them and they win, u will win a little somethin'! so go here, and tell her I sent u and remember to post everyday!!!!