Monday, January 25, 2010

dirty girls getting down...

they may not be dancing with guys from out of town but they sure can get dirty in the craftiest ways imaginable. i just adore the fabulous PINKY and her new challenge blog DIRTY SCRAPS. she has picked the baddest dirty girls she could find to be on the DT and boy are these ladies amazing, check them out. so here is my challenge #1 for DIRTY SCRAPS, i thought i had already posted it, i've had it done for weeks, lol, i'm such a slacker, lol. so Challenge #1 is about pet peeves and what u learned from them, of course mine are about my daddy issues and how those turned into hubby issues and i am now MOVING ON.
here's another one i've done this past month, i'm really getting into getting it all out, a boy chose another girl over me (story of my life, lol) but its fine because he's dumb, lol. nah, she's a great girl and one of my good friends and this whole thing isnt
worth loosing our friendships. again...MOVING ON, lol

here's my altered recipe box that now houses my playing cards for altering. gotta love the GAGA, lol.

well i had a mini date for coffe today, he was super nice and kinda cute in a Michael J fox kinda way, lol, his name oddly enough is Michael, hahaha, well thats all for now, thanks for looking!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Prima Pick

wooo hooo prima has some fab stuff and a fab contest to win some great goodies. so here's my prima pick post and i'm crossing my fingers to win some great stuff!!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

inspired by an old friend

my bff from my senior year of hs posted something on her facebook today that spoke to me. at first i was kinda of saddened by it (but what doesnt sadden me these days?) but after i decided to scrap it i feel a bit of release. I almost feel kind of silly scrapping these type of seems kind of EMO, but i'm not doing it so people can be "aww, poor Nikki" i'm doing it for me, it's therapy and i do feel better. so here it is. i used her post 'shiver and say the words of every lie you've heard" as the title and so i didnt actually have to do what the title suggests i used a wedding pic, a picture speaks a thousand words.
this LO will be another addition to the break up box. i have all these LO's of pix of him and i just dont feel they need to be in our family album anymore but i cannot get rid of them so into an altered box they will go. i'll post a pic of the box after i create it.
thanx for looking!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


check out this giveaway from the Collage Contessa! very cool stuff indeed!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

mommy madness &volunteer scrapping..sort of

so sunday i heard a commercial on the radio for chevrolet. they are doing this Mommy Madness contest and will be picking 5 STL area blogging moms to test drive either an Equinox or a Traverse for 4 weeks. i applied and have my fingers crossed! how great would it be to get to drive a new car, the only problem will be giving it back, lol.

so i WANT to be scrapping and working on my Tally DT submissions but instead i'm making banners and signs for Villa Hills FD's booth at the Octoberfest. i need to get these done so i can get back to the FUN scrapping! i finished cutting out the letters for the sign down, 3 more to go!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

i'm in the gutter.....

with the gutter girlz that is! i've always enjoyed reading their prompts but have never really played along...until now. the prompt they posted on the 15th seems like it was meant for me so i had to do it. here it is! so be sure to check them out!!!!!
i enjoyed my crop day on sat and got a few LO's done. i did my Tally survivor LO and started on one for Tally's DT call (which i cannot post until later) but heres my survivor team LJ week one LO.
i also did a LO for ScrapFit. this was fun. it had to have a picture on it but with NO people. so guess what i scrapped?????

Friday, August 28, 2009

setting in.....

so this week is the first time its really set in for me. we had our first dirty fight since the split, he threatened me with court, i called him a bully, he blew up then apologized...whatever. i'm so over his crap.
anyways.... i got the ball rolling with my plan. i want to go to school for nursing. i filled out my fafsa. requested my h.s. transcripts, now i wait. hopefully i will be able to start the fall semester on Oct 26, fingers crossed!
today and the rest of the weekend, i'm reorganizing and re-arranging the house the way i want it, he's not living here so i'm changing it! i'm moving the computer out of my bedroom to the living room, moving my scrap room from the sunporch to my bed room and i'm wanting to turn the sunporch into the kids play room. i just need to winterize the porch so they can play out there when it gets cold.
oh, and i sold my rings. he has no clue! i sent them here and i cannot wait to get my check. check out the site, its very humorous!!! every email they've sent me has cracked me up! they sure know how to make u feel good about a break up.
thats all for now, i hope to scrap some this weekend...but we'll see