Friday, February 27, 2009

5 faves friday!

LOOK AT ME!!! i'm on time this week, lol so i'm preparing to run away from my mommy\wife duties for the weekend and scrap my little heart out at crop camp!!! so here's my very rushed faves.

Clip it up: i love this thing! its so nice to see all the crap i have and actually be able to use it, lol. i do wish i had the bag for it though, i had to put it in a huge trash bag so i can take it with me, lol

Feb Tally Kit: OOHHH its so devine i cannot wait to play with it today!!!!!

Girl Scout Cookies: need i say more? lol

my Audrey shirt: its so comfy and pretty, it even has bling!!!!

Hubs: he's such a good sport about me leaving today for my 3 days of cropping like it hot!!!!


lizzie said...

omg i love your faves lol
i got another shirt from target... it has bling and feathers on it it's soooooooooo cute!!!

lizzie said...

you so suck at u pdating this thing lol

Dena said...

DANG! that is what I forgot to put on my list.....Girl Scout Samoas cookies. Those lasted all of 2 days in my house LOL
Congrats on winning the Prima pack. Totally jealous of you girl. Totally jealous!