Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Faves: on time this week, LOL

okay so i'm still slacking a bit but i'm moving out of my winter funk. winter just makes me so lazy, lol. Anyways, lets get the party started!

* taquitos: yum yum yum, this is me fave quick meal\snack. Scotty just bought a HUGE box of them at Sam's for what we pay for a small box at Shop & Save! what a deal!!!

* pink & red: boy the mushy gushyness of Valentine's Day has hit me!!!! I'm just loving all teh lovey stuff lately!!! Bring on the hearts Cupid!!!!

*Ann @ Scrapbook factory: BOY OH BOY!!! Ann went to CHA and ordered LOTS of goodies including Bella Blvd!!!! I'm so excited to see this stuff in person and use it on my pages!!! THANK YOU Ann!!!!!

*RVA: Red Velvet Art opened a new store & website this week!!! It all looks FABULOUS!!!! Check them out! their kit this month is SUPER CUTE and is all unicorns!!! eeeeek, i love it!!! Keep checking back at my blog and Lizzie's blog as well for pix from the RVA store in Springfield, Mo. We are headed there on April 3rd!!!! gotta love crafty feild trips!!!

*Mouse Traps: yes i know lame but we had a mouse in our garage that was getting in our walls and was driving me crazy!!! needless to more mousey!


Dena said...

my stomach just audibly growled at your taquitos post. I was hooked on them last month. Ate them almost every day for a week LOL.
Hope to see you at the chat today!

lizzie said...

your fave fives are always sooooo funny

Pinky said...

Oh man Red Velvet rocks girl! Thanks for the heads up!