Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday AGAIN?????

okay so my slacker butt was gonna pass on the FFF for the 2nd week in a row until i was called out!!! lol, thanx for getting my lazy butt back on the bus Dena!!!! lol

*Palm Centro: Holy goodness Batman this is one heck of a phone!!!! i LOVES it so much, i can text because it has a tiny little keyboard, i can get online, check even makes phone calls, lol. WOOO HOOO it makes me feel snazzy!!! I would take a pic of myself holding it but i washed my camera with the laundry last week...thank goodness this sweet phone has a camera on it, lol

*Valentine Candy: i don't care what kind, i like it all and i'm so glad teh kids got loads from i can eat it all!!!!!

*Sober House on VH1: not sure if i mentioned this before but this show is like CRACK to me!!! who would have thought a show about addict celebs would be addictive, lol

*Twilight Spoof: well this one in particular...its really enjoyable!!!!

Last but not least, *the hubs.....he hasn't bitched once this week about the house or me spending money!!! its been a good week, lol


lizzie said...

i'll have to watch that spoof when the lily isn't screaming her head off b/c she doesn't want to go to bed... *sigh* i don't know what ima do with her nikaaaaaaaaa lol