Saturday, January 3, 2009

lots o' layouts & Friday faves on Saturday

so i've been kinda slacking this week on the blog, okay fine i'll admit, i was hungover, lol. i did however get some quality scrap time though. so here's a few i did.
i did this one for gutter girlz prompt 14. I had a hard time putting this on paper. it just seems so permanent, like i cannot deny it if anyone involved sees it, lol. I have no problem talking about it though.....weird huh? so basically my dad is a DB and my sis Cassi and i hate him. i haven't spoke to him in 6 months and haven't seen him in over a year. needless to say, i'm so not ready to make nice anytime soon.
this is my to do list wall hanging, i LOVE it!!!! I have like 4 more LOs i could post here, but i'll do it later...onto my Friday faves....a day late of course,

*SUSHI: oh yummy. my hubby took me out for date night last night and i overstuffed myself as usual, oh how i love me some sushi! (oh, our waitress was awesome, she said HOLLAR just like my bff, love ya Lizzie!)

*Basic Grey: I'm not sure why it has never captured my attention before but i am completly obsessed with their paper....i cannot wait to get my bday money so i can buy tons of BG paper!!!!

*Tallyscrapper: OMG i'm so happy i found this is taking up all my time...i have a hard time multi tasking when it comes to scrap sites, lol.

*Pre-Mixed Mojitos: YUMMY, and no mixing! lol

*bacon wrapped- lil' smokies! omg i hope someone makes these for my bday!!!!


lizzie said...

omg GROSS about the bacon wrapped lil smokies! i like my lil smokies in crecent rolls... mmmm piggies in a blanket!! lol

mindakims said...

we are so happy you found tally too! you are such a happy bright spot there, thanks for joining us!

Sorry about your dad! Glad the layout was therapeutic though!