Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yes i know, it's been well over a week since i updated the blog and about a week since i've created anything. i need to kick my slacker butt into gear!!!! so here's my goals for this week: (1) aj prompt 2-because (2) sending out a package for my tally sis (3) order pix while Walgreen's has them for 10 cents a print (4) gutter girlz prompt 15 (5) use my tally kit (6) start my table centerpieces for Valentine's. i'm sure there are more, i'll add more as i think of them.

Now onto my friday faves....better late than never, lol.

*root beer floats: an oldie but a goodie.....YUMMMM

*CHA: now seriously, who wouldn't want to go to it? all week i've been drooling over all the sneak peek goodness all the manufacturers have been teasing me with, lol. i cant wait to see some of this stuff in my LSS.

*Yankee Candle Buttercream Candle: oh how yummy it smells. i've recently discovered that i can only burn teh baked-goods smelling candles. All the other fragrances are to perfumy and give me a headache.

*Tori Amos: u know, i've never realized how much i miss listening to music, i don't do it often, i hope to change that when i finally get a mp3 player. I just found ALL of my Tori cd's and i plan to put them all on my mp3 so i can get some good scrappy mojo going!!!

*Pampered Chef: OHHH they have the yummiest recipes!!!! i just wish there stuff wasn't so dang expensive.


lizzie said...

and momma loves you too
p.s i'm all about rootbeer floats!Q!!!

lizzie said...

did you know there is an alchoolic drink called a root beer float? and it has root beer liquar in it... but i can never find that shit lol

Dena said...

I love Pampered Chef goods too. Dang I am really hungry right now, just realized I hadnt eaten until I saw Rootbeer float, Buttercream and Pampered Chef all in one post LOL
Have a fabulous weekend Miss Slackie-Slackerton. ;)