Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Faves...actually on FRIDAY, lol

so it seems to have been a short week for me seeing how i just did my last weeks faves on Monday, lol. so here's my faves for the week.

*Monkey Joe's: This place is GREAT. we went last friday and are having Seth & Lil-Lil's party there on Sat. It's a bit pricey but the kids love it. they can go and bounce their little hearts out then hopefully take a nap, lol

*Bella Blvd: I am in love with all of their paper. they are a new but VERY promising company. Check out their blog giveaway and their CHA sneaky peeks. If you leave a comment for their give away, please say that i sent u and we can BOTH win!!! yippeee

*Clip It Up: YOWZA!!!! i love this thing. when i forst saw it advertized, i wasn't impressed, then i saw it in person and i was sold!!!! I bought mine Wed for my bday and I'm still working on getting it all filled up.

*Advil: I know it was on list last week but advil has been my saving grace for like 2 weeks now, i've been getting a head ache almost EVERYDAY! yikes, maybe it's time to see the migrain dr.

*One Tree Hill: what can i say, i love this show and i hate that i have to wait a whole week to see what's next, lol. and even though Lizzie thinks i'm a dork because of it, i am not ashamed, lol


lizzie said...

we rule for having medicine in our fave five hahahahaha
and you are a nerd for liking the one pee hill hahahaa

Dena said...

one pee hill LOL
lizzie cracked me up

My dorky show I love is Gilmore Girls. My obsessions is past the ridiculous.

And i love Bella Blvd. too I hope that Wen gets some in for BG's!

lizzie said...

omg dude... you suck at updateing... ima come up there and kick you in your pee hole!