Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a tad bit blocked

or whatever u want to call it, lol. i just can't seem to make myself scrap. i want to but when i go to do i just can't seem to find something to do. i'm not happy with any of the pix i have already printed, i'm not feeling any of the paper i own, ugh. well, hopefully i get lots done on sat. i'm heading to Archiver's all day to scrap with some gal-pals. its actually kind of embarrasing, i did so much last week and NOTHING this week, lol. so here more pix of stuff i did last week. i have a huge list of stuff to do sat, hopefully i can figure it out, lol.
so last week my lovely BFF lizzie introduced me to, OMG i LOVE that place!!! everyone there is so nice and inspiring and that place is the reason i was able to scrap so much last week. now if only i could make myself scrap this week, lol
well, my 29th b-day is fast approaching and i have to say that i'm okay with it. i think 29 is gonna be my year. i'm planning on trying to scrap today so maybe i'll get lucky have have something new to show later today, lol


Laurajean said...

Hey Nikki...I'm so glad that you found Tallyscrapper...I absolutely love it there ;)
And definitely don't sweat the not scrapping, I go through this every other week..LOL ;) Your layouts are beautiful girl!!!

Pamala said...

Hey girl, we all go thru blocks. In fact, I'm stuck in one now.

Wishing you a very early HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Dena said...

I think we all hit the wall sometimes. Here is to hoping that your mojo returns soon!