Saturday, December 13, 2008

ugh, scrap-rut

So I'm sure you've all been there. I just cannot get into the projects I need to do and every time I scrap something I'm so not happy with it. Its got to be my BAH-HUMBUG mood, Christmas just puts me in a foul mood. Nothing against the holiday its self, it just gets so busy and hectic here not to mention the holiday family drama. Anyways, here's the ONE page I did at the crop last night, yes, that's right ONE! Like I said, I just wasn't feeling it last night.

So to make myself feel better, here's some pages that I've never posted. Ahhh, to reminisce when scrapping was easy and my mojo was flowing, lol. The 1st 2 were done about 6 months ago, the 3rd was in October, and the last was just the other day. Now hopefully my scrappiness returns to me, lol


lizzie said...

oh dude whatever... that tiny dancer page is adorable!!!

lizzie said...

yay for hk!!! lol
and isn't lil seths b-day today???

lizzie said...

man oh man he's getting HUGE!!!

lizzie said...

okay... i just have to say something... you are going to be SO super excited when you see what i've been working on ALL nite!!! i have alot of painting/coloring to do tomorrow and hopefully i can get it all done by this weekend to show you... but i'm SUPER excited!!! yay!