Friday, December 19, 2008

Bah Humbug! Here's my Friday Faves

I'm feeling kinda crabby, nothing has really jumped out as a fave this week so here's my lame faves list, sorry there's nothing exciting to report, lol.

okay so here we go......

*CVS photo lab: I sent my pix at 5:30 and they called me 10 mins later and said they were ready! AND the guy waived the under $5 order fee. WOW!!!!! If I would have ordered from Walgreens I would have waited over 3 hours for my pix. Thanx CVS!!!!

*Molto Bella Photography: I just LOVE her work. She has taken photos of my kids twice and everytime I see the pix I get the most indescribable feeling. I love to look at all her work and scrapping her pix is so fun, the pages always look so amazing because of her pix. Thanx for all you do Stacy!!!!! Can't wait to see what your working on for '09.

*The last guy I spoke to @ AT&T: I know it sounds silly but this guy took care of everything we needed and he made up for all the frustration the other people I spoke to today caused! great work guy, sorry I don't know your name. (not that he's reading this or anything, lol)

*Scott's bosses: Great guys!!!! They really do care about the people that work so hard for them!

*Elve's Inpersonator: Such an ADORABLE children's play! Seth's school did it for their Chistmas music concert, all I can say is it was full of laughs and lots of awwwws. Gotta love 'Elfis' and the fact that it has my 7 year old asking about ELVIS.


lizzie said...

hahahahaaa great faves yo!
and i'm glad about the phone stuff... i take it that things are well and snotty... uurrr scotty got a new phone maybe?? lol

lizzie said...
go look what i made you!

Stacy @ Molto Bella ;o) said...

Oh wow Nikki, thanks so much! That's means alot! And my pics always look fab when you do your magic!!

Dena said...

Merry Merry Christmas girl!
I hope your bahhumbug blahs have now disappeared :)