Friday, December 12, 2008

OHHHH, it's FRIDAY!!!!

Okay so I've been waiting for Friday all week so I can do another Friday Faves.
*Archiver's ScrapMania (and Rachel) I just love going to this. They feed me, the give me a goody bag, and I can scrap uninterrupted by kids.oh and I can shop, lol. Its such a lovely time!!! I'm going tonight and Bazzil is giving an extra gift to all the attendees! YAY!!! oh and Rachel said she may have some more goodies for the Friday crowd, gotta love that!!!!
*Olive Garden's new Gnochi soup: not sure exactly what its called, I could look it up but I'm being a bit lazy, lol. Never the less, it is DELISH!!!!! Hubby brought some home for me Wednessday night, such a good guy!
*Handy Manny is quickly becoming my saving grace. PJ {hearts} him and the tools so whenever PJ is getting a tad unrooly, I say "Let's go watch Manny!" and all is right with the world, lol.
*Seth, my oldest son will be SEVEN on Sunday. I cannot believe how time has flown and how much he has grown. Seth was born with a heart defect and 4 years ago we thought we were going to loose him but thanks to all the doctors at STL Children's Hospital we still have our Sethy and he is deffinantly going to give us a run for our money, lol.
*TWILIGHT {sigh} Oh how can it not be on my faves, I promise I'll try not to put it here every week but OH HOW I LOVE IT!!!!! I guess there is a fine line between LOVE and OBSESSION, lol. I guess I just need to see the movie...AGAIN!!! lol.


lizzie said...

i love your fave fives hahahaaaa
that soup looks GROSS though... the menistorne is way better! and yay for not knowing how to spell stuff! we rule hahahaa