Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Its a Very Merry 2008.....

because I finally finished Grandma Katie's calendar. That lady is lucky I love her so much because these calendars are a pain in the butt to do, its so time consuming but I have to say the result is well worth it and I'm sure she'll love it. I myself am pretty pleased with it, I wasn't sure while I was putting it together but after all the finishing touches were there, I almost want to keep it for myself, lol. Thanks for looking!

Merry Christmas to every one! and those of you with nasty weather today and tomorrow, please be safe out there!!!!


lizzie said...

oh em gee nikki... it's gorgeous!!!!!!! i love the ribbons!!! man oh man you did such an awesome job!
urg i gotta go get a shower and get all pretty... i did alredo's sisters make up and she looks amazing... and i did her hair... i gotta look better than normal today b/c she looks amazing! lol

Carla said...

Beautiful job with the calendar!!