Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday Faves

*people who give batteries along with toys that require them: come on, common sense, kids want to play with the toys, buy batteries, LOL

*Pumpkin rolls: OMG these are delish and one of my fave deserts, I ate like 6 slices on Christmas, I hope there are more tomorrow!!! lol

*my new fave quote: My husband let's me buy as much scrapbooking stuff as I can hide. Not sure who said it but I love the shirt that was given to me, lol. it's just soooo true! lol

*Christmas Cookie by Yankee Candle: MMMMMM, smells soooo good, too bad i burned my all up already, lol

*Family: without family I'd be nothing and have no purpose. as much as they cause drama and drive me bonkers, I wouldn't trade them fore the world.


lizzie said...

i'm feeling a lil better now... i updated stuff on my blog and i'm finally able to sit up! maybe i can make some stuff tomorrow!! woo hoo!