Friday, December 5, 2008

My 1st Friday Faves & Some Much Needed Scrap-Therapy

So here's my very 1st Friday Faves. I've been meaning to do this for a while but I always forget. I always love reading everyone else's faves so if you wanna join in let me know so I can check yours out!!!

*Bath & Body Works Sweetest Softest Robe: OMG this is the MOST AMAZING robe EVER!!! my mom bought me one and i have to say i LOVE it. its so warm and cozy (and it has a hood!!!)

*Scrapbook Factory in Fairview Heights, IL is my LSS and I'm not sure why I haven't gone in there more but I'm def changing that!!! They are having a 'sidewalk sale' tomorrow making some room for the new purchases in January. Ann (the owner) is super nice and very helpful!

*I love me some Swiss Rolls. I hadn't had these in a LONG time until I ate a whole box while visiting my mom. YUM YUM

*LIZZIE!!!! Of course she's on my faves list! she's one of my bestes and it's her B-day and she rocks!!!! <3you girlie!!

*Starbucks...OH how I love thee!!! I'm going to my local Mommies group 'sip and chat' get-together tonight at Starbucks....YUM YUMMM, maybe I'll take some Swiss Rolls with me, LOL So I've been wanting to scrap since I returned from my vacation but I haven't felt very scrappy or creative. I've finally created something today from the Scrapbook Heaven 12 Day of Christmas Crop. So here's my take on the Santa Key. What a CUTE idea, I think I may make one for all of our little cousins....I have to put that at the BOTTOM of my TO DO list though, LOL. I decided to put ours in a wreath along with a poem I made up to go with it.



Sarah said...

I always wanted one of those bathrobes. they look so soft!

lizzie said...

ummm where is the picture of the key silly billy?? hahaha
and my b-day is actually today the sixth... so don't feel bad about missing me when i left!!! it's all good!

Dena said...

WOOOO HOOOO! Yeahh Nikki! I am so glad you joined the 5 Faves crew! You are going to have so much fun doing this every week.

That robe needs to be mine. can you believe I have never owned one in my entire life?