Monday, January 25, 2010

dirty girls getting down...

they may not be dancing with guys from out of town but they sure can get dirty in the craftiest ways imaginable. i just adore the fabulous PINKY and her new challenge blog DIRTY SCRAPS. she has picked the baddest dirty girls she could find to be on the DT and boy are these ladies amazing, check them out. so here is my challenge #1 for DIRTY SCRAPS, i thought i had already posted it, i've had it done for weeks, lol, i'm such a slacker, lol. so Challenge #1 is about pet peeves and what u learned from them, of course mine are about my daddy issues and how those turned into hubby issues and i am now MOVING ON.
here's another one i've done this past month, i'm really getting into getting it all out, a boy chose another girl over me (story of my life, lol) but its fine because he's dumb, lol. nah, she's a great girl and one of my good friends and this whole thing isnt
worth loosing our friendships. again...MOVING ON, lol

here's my altered recipe box that now houses my playing cards for altering. gotta love the GAGA, lol.

well i had a mini date for coffe today, he was super nice and kinda cute in a Michael J fox kinda way, lol, his name oddly enough is Michael, hahaha, well thats all for now, thanks for looking!!!!