Friday, August 28, 2009

setting in.....

so this week is the first time its really set in for me. we had our first dirty fight since the split, he threatened me with court, i called him a bully, he blew up then apologized...whatever. i'm so over his crap.
anyways.... i got the ball rolling with my plan. i want to go to school for nursing. i filled out my fafsa. requested my h.s. transcripts, now i wait. hopefully i will be able to start the fall semester on Oct 26, fingers crossed!
today and the rest of the weekend, i'm reorganizing and re-arranging the house the way i want it, he's not living here so i'm changing it! i'm moving the computer out of my bedroom to the living room, moving my scrap room from the sunporch to my bed room and i'm wanting to turn the sunporch into the kids play room. i just need to winterize the porch so they can play out there when it gets cold.
oh, and i sold my rings. he has no clue! i sent them here and i cannot wait to get my check. check out the site, its very humorous!!! every email they've sent me has cracked me up! they sure know how to make u feel good about a break up.
thats all for now, i hope to scrap some this weekend...but we'll see

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

blog slacker

so yes i admit it, i've been not blogging, or really scrapping lately. i have lots i haven't posted from a few months back but with all the craziness of the summer and other goings on. Thanks to Stacy for the motivation to update this thing. she has also been a bit of a blog slacker too so i thought i'd let her know she's not alone.

along with the update, u may notice i've changed the name of my blog. my life is going through some drastic changes and i really don't have an outlet to vent. i cannot vent on facebook or myspace due to the in-laws (soon to be out-laws) being in my social network. yes, u've guess it, the hubs and i have decided to part ways. being a stay-at-home mom is going to put me at a disadvantage. i've got 3 kids and no income, but i do have a plan. just need to put the plan into action.

i've decided that i am going to scrap this process. i need a creative outlet and a reminder to myself. so i'll be doing a book of me and i'll be sharing it here. i have some great quotes that fit this situation. one of my favorites is something that Linda has said to me too many times to count, "take the knot from your stomach and hand it to the person causing it" couldn't be anymore appropriate and has earned a coveted spot in my book. Stacy always posts amazing quotes on her facebook and a week or so ago she posted one that really hit home for me. that one will also have a page.

thanks for reading and keep a look out for the 1st pages of my book of me.