Sunday, October 19, 2008

WHATEVER Martha & ready for camp

So the other day I was talking to Lizzie about how I don't buy scrap stuff at Wal-Mart since they switched everything to the Martha Stewart line. I can't explain it but I just don't like Martha Stewart. So tonight I saw a commercial for a new show on the Living Channel called Whatever Martha and its all Martha Stewart's daughter and her best friend talking trash on Martha. EEEEE! It looks so great!!!! I cannot wait to watch it!!!! LOL. Oh it's the little things that excite me.

So I scrapped at my friend's last night I got a whole page done and started on a 2nd. Hopefully I'll finish more than a page at crop camp next weekend!!!! I can't wait, it will be so fun and relaxing. I'm going with my SIL Niki and some of her friends. SO EXCITED!!!!


momma_lizzie said...

i wanna go to crop camp... hell i just wanna get away and go scrap with you for a weekend! it will be our own crop camp! hahahahaa